HZS series of concrete mixing station Common Faults and Solutions From the discipline as a whole theory and methods can be summarized as the following: Diagnosis theory and methods based mechanism. Starting on the causes for failure and status effects from the concrete mixing plant dynamics point of view, failure sensitive parameters and characteristics for different mixing station equipment for the extraction is its focus. Fault diagnosis method of signal processing and feature extraction based. cosin czn38 concrete vibrator beam The main characteristic parameters and sometimes domain waveform characteristics diagnostics, domain characteristic difference method, amplitude domain holders levy law, information characteristic method, spectrum analysis and spectral characteristics of re-analysis, time series feature extraction, filtering and adaptive coring method . Fuzzy diagnosis theory and methods. Diagnosis is based on the fuzzy set theory, fuzzy space and fault indication of some kind of mapping between the state space by signs to diagnose the concrete mixing station failure. Vibration signal diagnosis. The earlier research methods, theories and methods more and more perfect. It is based on the vibration information of concrete mixing station equipment operation or excitation time, the extraction method characterized by some kind of information processing and for fault diagnosis. Mixer section:   First, the main motor mixer Kai fixed Symptom: press the start button operating table mixer, the mixer does not start. Analysis: 1, the compressor does not start or does not meet the gas supply system pressure 2, stirring overhaul protect switch on the host and the host with key emergency stop switch is not turned on. 3, the operation of the emergency stop switch stage is not reset. 4, the host power switch is not turned on. 5, the host stop signal must be reset. Process: 1. Check the compressed air detection signal (greater than 0.4MPa pressure signal) is sent to the PLC, that is, whether there is a signal I8.0. As I8.0 no signal, check the compressor pressure is greater than 0.4MPa, when the pressure reaches concrete vibrator with diesel engine 0.4MPa above, I8.0 has no signal, check the pressure gauge adjustment is normal or damaged, until there I8.0 signal. 2. Check the mixing console repair protection switch-on signal to the PLC whether 3, check the operating table of the emergency stop switch is reset, 4. Check the mains switch is turned on. 5. Check whether the stop button to reset the host Second, the mixer boring machine tripping. In the feed mixing process, the mixing console due to excessive current trip appears boring machine. The reason for this is there are many, such as feeding too much, causing the mixer load is too large, stirring blades and the gap between the liner system is too large, the mixing process, increasing the resistance, the triangle belt is too loose, so that transmission efficiency is low, mixing console cover safety switch is vibration overhaul loose, steel bar bending machine dubai causing downtime. Deal with this situation start from the following aspects: 1. Check the batching system is excessive and whether there is a secondary feed phenomenon; 2. Check the mixer blades and the gap between the liner is in 3 ~ 8mm; 3. Check the V-belt drive system and adjust the tightness; 4. Check the front cover safety switch is loose.